Paliesius Physical Exercise Therapy Clinic

THE FIRST AND ONLY licensed physical exercise therapy clinic in the Baltic States. The Clinic combines medical and physical activity sciences, and applies the principles of evidence-based medical practices for treatment and prevention of the diseases. Physical exercise therapy treatment in the Clinic is always individually assigned for each patient according to his / her clinical status and physical condition.

CLINICAL SAFETY is one of the most important aspects of clinical activity. The Clinic uses modern medical and information management technology solutions, which enables constant follow-up of patient’s cardiovascular status during physical exercising or at rest (electrocardiogram, heart and respiratory rates). The permanent monitoring and evaluation of the patient’s status ensure safe and clinically effective treatment and / or disease prevention by performing physical exercises.

MEDICALLY SUPERVISED PHYSICAL EXERCISE THERAPY programme is designed for the specific needs of each patient. The most common conditions that are treated with physical therapy are overweight and obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic fatigue and stress. The Clinic is located in a stress-free environment surrounded by nature which helps the patients to fully refresh from their routine and improve positive daily habits.

Beside Medically Supervised Physical Exercise Therapy programme the specialists of the Clinic organize active weekend programmes “FAT FIGHT CAMP” and “STRESS FIGHT CAMP” for individuals or groups of people.


Kalvariju str. 300

LT-08318 Vilnius, Lithuania

Number: +370 640 38656; +370 698 02319


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