ÅF was founded 120 years ago to cope with energy production for the growing paper and steel industry in Sweden. The company has guided its clients through four huge technology changes – steam, electricity, nuclear power and computerisation – and remained at the forefront of technology both in the industrial era and in nowadays information society. Since its establishment ÅF has developed into the world’s 7th largest international consultant in power and has become a leading independent technical consulting company in the Nordic region with its staff of over 7000 professional experts worldwide. Today number of ÅF offices is over 100. The international resources and experience make ÅF today into an appreciated partner in large and small scope energy projects all around the globe.

ÅF is active in Lithuania for more than 10 years through its subsidiary AF-Consult UAB followed by the acquisition and organic growth. Since the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2011 ÅF is acting in Lithuania under one name as AF-Consult UAB and by consolidating their forces became a leading technical consultant in the Lithuanian energy sector. ÅF is leading name in energy consulting in Baltics. We are actively working in energy sector projects all over the Country and abroad.

Together with our international colleagues over the World we perform strategic analyses, studies, risk analyses, develop technical specifications and carry out design, procurement, engineering and project management assignments, and are involved in commissioning, inspection, damage investigation, energy optimization and troubleshooting activities in both, green field projects and refurbishment projects. We do improve economy, performance and environment in all projects of ours. ÅF makes the big difference in stimulating the society to move towards a more sustainable future through the projects executed on behalf of our clients. All of our assignments and solutions include a sustainability dimension! We are not only meeting our clients’ needs. We are also seeking the right balance among the environmental, social and economic factors.

The complete scope of service, starting from idea, technical and financial estimations, planning, concept and detailed design for development and implementation or maintenance phases, corresponds with the highest expectations of our Clients. Our success principal is professional services by experience. Our Clients are in one or another way related to heat and electrical power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption; also closely involved with environmental challenges – environment protection, pollution control and monitoring (municipal and public sector, power companies, industry, waste management companies, public investors and international financing institutions).

ÅF is well established in Lithuania having its office in Vilnius and project offices at projects sites where needed.

Since 2008 ÅF keep supporting the talented students from two Lithuanian technical universities (Vilnius Gediminas Technical university and Kaunas University of Technology) by arranging internships for finalization of master theses at Swedish or Finnish universities, or in one of the ÅF companies.

We are a team of qualified specialists successfully proceeding in Lithuania and through close cooperation with ÅF-Group colleagues world-wide, acquitting and adapting an international experience, know-how and competences locally!

Our Contacts: Gintvilė Žvirblytė
Address: Lvovo str. 25, LT-09320 Vilnius
Phone: +370 5 2107210
E-mail: gintvile.zvirblyte@afconsult.com
Website: www.afconsult.com