EUROAPOTHECA is the international group of companies in the Northern Europe and CEE region, managing pharmacy retail chains and wholesale companies in Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Ukraine.

EUROAPOTHECA currently owns more than 660 pharmacies in six countries, employs over 3.8 thousand employees. EUROAPOTHECA controls pharmacy chain Eurovaistinė (270 pharmacies) in Lithuania, Apoteksgruppen in Sweden (189 pharmacies), Euro-Apteka (83 pharmacies) in Poland, Euroapteek (73 pharmacies) in Estonia, Euroaptieka (52 pharmacies) in Latvia, and Euroapteka (4 pharmacies) in Ukraine.

In 2017, EUROAPOTHECA consolidated resources for the planned expansion of the pharmacies’ business. The group steps into active stage of development, looking for favorable expansion possibilities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and Nordic countries. In Q1 2018, EUROAPOTHECA completed the acquisition of Swedish Apoteksgruppen pharmacy chain, becoming one of the region’s largest pharmacy networks.

EUROAPOTHECA is a member of VILNIAUS PREKYBA, the largest diversified international retail group in Baltics with CEE region.

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