Seminar: “Public procurement in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: What’s new?”

Time: 09:30 – 13:00
Working language: English
Organiser: law firm “Sorainen”


A first-time joint pan-Baltic procurement seminar is being held to help Baltic businesses succeed in all three Baltic procurement markets. Leading Sorainen specialists from the firm’s integrated pan-Baltic public procurement practice area – senior associate Kadri Härginen (Estonia), counsel Raivo Raudzeps (Latvia) and senior associate, head of the team Laurynas Lukošiūnas (Lithuania) – will share their experience on how to survive in the Baltic public procurement market and how to handle the peculiarities of the versatile Baltic procurement laws. The agenda includes the following and other important for business topics:

  1. Qualification requirements, including self-cleaning and reliance on the capabilities of other persons
  2. Bid selection, including the issue of abnormally low price
  3. Sub-contracting, including change of sub-contractors
  4. Appealing the procurement authorities’ decisions

Sorainen active clients (companies and organisations that have used Sorainen services during the past two years) are cordially invited to attend the seminar free of charge (up to two representatives).

For other participants a fee of 75 EUR + VAT applies.

Please inform us of your interest by 8 May by by filling in the form.

For further information, please contact Agnė Purlytė via e-mail or calling +370 52 685 040.

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