SCCL is glad to have both UAB Kinnarps in Lithuania and Kinnarps Polska in our Association under one name: Kinnarps CEE!

Kinnarps provides interior workspace solutions for offices and public environments. High quality and low environmental impact mark the entire value chain – from raw material to finished solutions for the workspace. Kinnarps is currently one of Europe’s largest provider of workspace interior solutions. Sales operations are conducted in about 40 countries. Kinnarps was founded in 1942 by Jarl and Evy Andersson.

More about Kinnarps: “We take responsibility for our entire supply chain – from production to the time it arrives with the customer. We can deliver and install over one hundred workstations, per customer, per day, which our delivery teams fit and install with minimal disruption. Orders within Europe are completed in four to six weeks. We also deliver worldwide. Every day, twenty-four fully loaded containers leave our factories to deliver workspace solutions designed for prosperity and wellbeing. Our optimized transportation system means we don’t use cardboard boxes. This allows us to load the products like a jigsaw puzzle, using recyclable blankets to protect goods and load up to 50% more products per container than is standard for the industry. Delivery routes are optimized using an advanced route planning system, which is linked to production. We’ve also invested in a modern fleet of eco-friendly vehicles to reduce our environmental impact. Since 2014 we’ve reduced emissions by 7%.”

UAB Kinnarps represents in Lithuania Swedish company Kinnarps AB since 1997.

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