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JSC Lietmeta is a manufacturing company of corrugated cardboard! They offer various sizes sheets, covers, inserts, boxes, and more In order to ensure the highest quality of products, LIETMETA carries out its activities in accordance with the requirements of

Artilux NMF

Artilux NMF is a joint Swedish-Lithuanian company is operating in Lithuania since 2002 in the contract manufacturing sector

Artilux NMF belongs to NMF group consisting of total 16 companies located in Northern Lithuania with a total of 2700 employees, a

Megrame International

MEGRAME International was founded in 1999 as a part of MEGRAME Group Companies’ to represent and deliver MEGRAME production for international markets MEGRAME is a well-known manufacturer brand of timber, timber-aluminum, PVC and aluminum windows, sliding doors as well


During two decades Litpolstar has become a modern, flexible, creative production company in Lithuania, which can offer a very wide range of goods and services provided by major supermarkets, shops, businesses, organizations and commercial equipment manufacturers For goods and services,


Atella was launched in 2015 with dresses collection which later on expanded and new categories were added, such as: trousers, blouses & skirts They believe in quality over quantity and its’s the main reason why they are always shifting to

Pušku Pušku

Pušku pušku is a young and creative business that has been developing its brand in Lithuania and abroad since 2008 They follow the philosophy that no major change or investment is required to be happy because they believe that there


Drivec develops and provides vehicle data that increases profitability, enhances safety and reduces environmental impact for the transport industry They have a great understanding of the unique needs of each and every one of our customers, so they create custom


ColibrisODM is a web-based sheet metal production platform, which delivers unbeatable speed and flexibility Quotation and ordering take only several minutes, while metal parts can be delivered to your doorstep in a week or less

They are able to do this


Inorega offers an innovative approach to the use of plastic raw materials as well as reinforcement and filling services

The main goal of the company is the innovative technologies and wide application of plastic composites in various industries, such as aerospace, military,


Hennordic is one-stop-shop metal processing service provider They support customers around the Europe, with the main focus to Nordic countries

Hennordic offers cutting, forming, welding, machining, coating and assembly services, all under one roof

More information about the company can be