Proud of Lithuania. A Fairy Tale by Sweet Root.

Proud of Lithuania is a fairy tale about the real meaning of a locally sourced dinner filled with truthfulness and the meals prepared from local ingredients in tune with the natural cycle of nature. It is a will to remember and rediscover the unique seasonality of our country and the endlessly changing ingredients on our plates. It is a step back to the past and to the future at the same time. A step away from global temptations and towards the wildness of the fields, woods, and gardens. It is a rediscovery of the place where our roots grow, not only philosophically but also physically. The goal of this story is not to be your practical guide in the kitchen (although there is an index of recipes provided) but merely to bring back the pride of who we are and where we live.

The story teller of this fairy tale is restaurant Sweet Root, a team of young and passionate people who collect memories from the past, from childhood, and those they hear from other people every day, searching for a simple answer of what defines our gastronomical tradition. Part of this story takes place in the restaurant’s garden where many of the ingredients used at Sweet Root are grown. Similarly, they stay in daily contact with the farmers, cheese makers, millers, and other local heroes that offer the best local produce and their own unique stories. This philosophy was born from a desire to bring the pride of Lithuania’s lands back to our plates in a way that is full of truthfulness and genuine emotion.

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Format: 21 x 29,5 cm, hard cover
ISBN: 978-609-95571-4-4
Language: english and lithuanian
Pages: 360
Year: 2017
Publishing house: Dvi Tylos
Author: Sweet Root restaurant
Texts: Algė Ramanauskė
Editing: Jenn Virskus, Jurgita Jačėnaitė
Photos: Sarune Zurba Photography
Design: The Boy Creative Studio
Printed by: UAB Balto Print
Price: 49 Eur