Sweet Root offers you a unique gift: “Proud of Lithuania. A Fairy Tale by Sweet Root”
This book is about the beauty of Lithuanian nature, seasons, ingredients and modern local cuisine. Apart from beautiful pictures and captivating texts there is also a recipes index to inspire you for culinary discoveries. It is written in English and Lithuanian, so also suitable for partners overseas.
The book could be packed with something delicious and truly Lithuanian. Just contact our member Sweet Root for details and SCC member discounts. 
“Isn’t it the happy ending that makes every fairy tale stay with us until we grow old and hand those stories over to our children? The happy ending of this story is near, and so we glance to our plates again. Our culinary memories may take us back to our childhood days when we ran barefoot in the fields picking wild strawberries, went fishing with grandpa, or helped our mother to pick fresh cucumbers in the greenhouse. We gaze through the window and reflect on the changing seasons, and then, looking to the empty plate we consider the taste that was there just a moment ago. The local ingredients and the human hands that grew them create a new feeling inside of us – a sense of pride.”