Baltic Asset Management is a real estate investment and development company registered in Vilnius (Lithuania) and operating since 2017. The company specializes in urban property conversion opportunities where former industrial, office, public properties or land are converted into residential properties targeted at millennials, generation Y etc.

Baltic Asset Management business model and achievements are already noticed by industry professionals in Lithuania. In 2019 one of our real estate development projects was awarded by Lithuanian Real Estate Developers Association for innovativeness in successfully converting former factory into micro-apartment residential property which was the biggest in the Baltics. A dedicated inhouse team of 45 persons focuses on scouting, acquiring, investment sourcing, planning, construction management and sales.

Baltic Asset Management has ambitions for growth since urban development landscape is changing due to new market needs. We have implemented up until now 13 residential property projects in Vilnius and are actively searching for new acquisition targets in Lithuania and Sweden.