The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania is registered as the recipient of donation! And all residents of Lithuania are able to donate 1,2% of paid income tax to any recipient of donation. It would be a great support for our activities and projects!

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania (SCCL) is an independent, non-profit networking organisation, solely funded by memberships, representing and uniting Swedish and international companies operating in Lithuania.

How to donate:

  1. Connect to the Tax inspector’s online services (E-deklaravimas) through your banking system.
    2. Press “Give donation” (Pildyti formą > Prašymas skirti paramą) on the right of the window.
    3. Press “Fill the form online” (Pildyti formą tiesiogiai portale) at the left corner of the window.
    4. A window with your personal information will pop up.
    5. You need to fill in the following sections:
    5.1 Enter SCCL code (125711933)
    5.2 Enter name (Asociacija “Swedish Chamber of Commerce” of simply Asociacija SCC)
    5.3 Enter address (“Talent Garden Vilnius” Vilniaus g. 33, Vilnius, 01402, Lithuania)
    5.4 Enter the amount you want to donate
    5.5 Click SAVE (Išsaugoti) and DECLARE (Pateikti).