Swedish Chamber’s of Commerce in Lithuania General Meeting of the Association 2023!

On 15th of March all members of SCCL are invited to participate in GMA in Swedbank.


We encourage everyone to join the meeting, as you will have an opportunity to meet a new Managing Director of SCCL and Deputy Head of Mission Per Bäckman, of the Embassy of Sweden in Lithuania.

According to the Articles of Association, the required quorum is 1/2 of all members. Therefore, we kindly ask as many of you as possible to participate in the General Meeting of the Association.



1. Opening of the General Meeting by Chairperson of the Association, Nicholas Rosenberg Kjaer

2. Opening remarks by the representative of the Embassy of Sweden in Lithuania – Deputy Head of Mission Per Bäckman

3. Election of the Chairperson of the General Meeting

4.  Election of the Secretary of the General Meeting

5.  Election of two Representatives and two Tellers of the Meeting

6.  Approval of the General Meeting Agenda

7.  Approval of the Annual Report 2022

8.  Approval of the Financial Statement for 2022

9. Approval of the Auditors’ Reports

10. Discharge of the responsibility of the Board for 2022

11. Presentation and approval of the Association’s Program 2023

12. Presentation and approval of the Association’s Budget 2023

13. Presentation and approval of Annual Membership fee for 2024

14. Any other business

15. End of the Meeting, networking