Many organizations and companies in Sweden operate with a traditional mindset: focus on planning, analysis, perfect forecasts and reaching set goals. That’s the key to success and fortune.

But we live in a world of uncertainty and change. Is it still possible to plan in a world that is constantly changing? Do we use the right communication tools for managing a reality where time is short and the context is always shifting?

Not really, according to the Swedish authors and developers of the concept strategic improvisation, Jesper Falkheimer, professor at Lund University, and Katarina Gentzel Sandberg, partner at Gullers Grupp. Many Swedish organizations aren’t flexible enough and still use traditional tools to counteract change instead of adapting to what is going on.

As the result of a collaborative project between research and practice, the Gullers Grupp launched the first book on strategic improvisation and effective communication in 2017 in Sweden. Two years later a second book, focusing strategic improvisation as the best mindset for contemporary leadership, was released.

Welcome to a digital seminar to learn more about the traditional Swedish mindset and methods linked to developing strategic improvisation in your communication, marketing and overall leadership and examples of how you in your communication and marketing can cope with quick, unexpected events.

Gullers Grupp is a top tier, award-winning communications agency in Sweden. The clients typically play central roles in society and in addressing its challenges. We help societal actors achieve results, create new solutions, participate in the public debate and bring change – across the country.

This event is solely for the Members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania and participants of its business mission to Jönköping.