As of 1st of April 2018, the SCCL offers one more Membership category- “SCCL Fan-Club” Membership exclusively for natural persons. All existing categories are solely applicable to corporate enterprises or legal persons; and for that reason, SCCL Members agreed on introducing a new one during the General Meeting of the Association 2018. This gives natural persons a possibility to be a part of the Chamber and participate in our activities at Member-price.

The Fan-Club Membership is well fitted to the needs of a private person in terms of offered benefits and price (100 Euros per year, plus one-time admission fee of 150 Euros, starting from 2019). The benefits include invitations to events at Member price, special Member information, and the possibility to draw on the SCCL network. A Fan-Club Member cannot vote during the GMA, or be nominated for a position in the Board of the Association. You can find more details here!