JOB ALERT | SCCL is looking for an Acting Managing Director starting from March 1, 2024
As part of our New Year’s Goal, SCCL aims to appoint a new Acting Managing Director in March, while the current Managing Director will go on maternity leave.
SCCL’s mission is to strengthen cooperation and enhance business relations between Sweden and Lithuania, encourage and expand trade and investment, promote Members‘ interests through various events and social activities, and serve as a social network for Swedish and Lithuanian business representatives.
  • Project management/ Organizational management experience;
  • Business operations experience would be an advantage;
  • Experience in event coordination/organization/business networks management would be an advantage;
  • Personal maturity, excellent time management skills, ability to work independently;
  • Good communication and organization skills;
  • Being a team player;
  • Fluency in the English language both written and spoken;
  • Swedish language skills or familiarity with Swedish culture/business would be considered as an advantage;
We appreciate our member Alliance for Recruitment for their assistance with staff recruitment.