We present the project – “12 beating hearts”. This project is about twelve young children from all over Lithuania who need gastrostomy and enteral nutrition due to their serious health conditions.

These twelve children need special mixtures and equipment which are very expensive (about 500-600 euros per month) and can only be compensated for those who are in hospitals.

Also, next to this serious health condition these children have other difficult diagnoses and they need to visit specialists almost every day, but due to high costs, it is hard for parents to take their children to specialists as often as they should… Financial support for these families is very important if they want their children to develop and discover what life is prepared for them.

With this project, we aim to raise the right amount of money (about 100,000 euros) to provide all these families with special mixtures for one year and at least slightly lighten their financial burden.

Your support can save a child’s life and bring a lot of happiness to the family! 🙂

You can visit the website and read more about this project: http://rupestingasirdele.lt/en/12-plakanciu-sirdziu/

Let’s make a difference!