Having its roots in Denmark, the chain Radisson Blu of today has a strong link to the Scandinavian countries; with Denmark and Sweden being the two major markets, Radisson Blu therefore is a member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania.

Jurate Rudiene is the General Manager of the Radisson Blu Park Inn Hotel in Kaunas. Becoming a Member of SCCL was not her decision; but she values certain benefits that come along with the membership, such as the large network which gives the opportunity to build relevant relationships. Also having the logo on SCCL´s website is a valuable advantage, as it grants a considerable degree of visibility; in that sense, SCCL functions as a marketing platform.

An important factor, specifically for her hotel, is “for the people in Vilnius to become familiar with the Park Inn”, which was not as well-known as other hotels which are located in Vilnius; in line with that, Jurate is aiming to position the Park Inn as a belonging to the brand Radisson Blu in the customers´ minds.

As many hotel guests are from Sweden, learning about Swedish cultural aspects on SCCL events is another worthwhile benefit that helps comprehending Swedes and adjust the service accordingly.

On the other hand, Jurate also sees some potential for improvement; for example, on the common SCCL events it would be nice to give some members the chance to introduce themselves very briefly again. “it is not possible to know all 80 Members and remember them from the first introduction”.

Overall, Jurate is quite satisfied with the SCCL Membership though. According to her, “the  SCCL is one of the best chambers in Lithuania”.