MEMBER NEWS | Our Member COBALT law firm is inviting you to join the live webinar 

Protection and defence of investment abroad” on 26th of January at 10 am.

This year, a number of companies faced extraordinary challenges. At the beginning of the year, Lithuania announced its intention to open a representative office in Taiwan, “accidentally” (and later on purpose) deleting itself from the Chinese customs systems. Less than a couple of months later, Russia started a war against Ukraine on a scale not seen in Europe since the World War II. The dispute with Beijing was never resolved: as a result, some Lithuanian companies refused to work with China, while others stopped or did not even start their operations in Lithuania. Soon the first sanctions were announced against Russia and new challenges arose for business considering how to withdraw from Russia and the countries that support it. In November, Minsk threatened to nationalize the companies of investors from “unfriendly countries”. Recently, public news appeared that companies with businesses and shares in Belarus have already written off these investments as losses.

In the context of all these events, the issues of protection of investments abroad have become extremely relevant. These issues will be discussed at the webinar. During the event, we will tell you how investors can defend and protect their investments. We will discuss in more detail the ICSID Convention and its benefits, as well as other aspects of investment defense and the specifics of their application in problematic jurisdictions.

Moderator: Dr Rimantas Simaitis, Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution Department at COBALT


  • Dr. Inga Martinkutė, Lecturer at the Law Faculty of Vilnius University
  • Vidmantas Janulevičius, President at the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists
  • Dr Milda Markevičiūtė, Managing Associate at COBALT

We invite you to ask relevant questions during the live broadcast.