What are the most popular and effective social media channels in Sweden, how to involve local audiences, how to tell your legend to Swedish buyers, how do communication in Stockholm and other parts of Sweden differ, how to choose local communication partners, how to get into Swedish business newspapers, what cultural differences are worth knowing before entering the Swedish market?

We receive many of your similar questions, which will be answered on June 7th by strategic communication expert from Sweden Lennart Nordfors and Lithuanian Commercial Attaché in Sweden Aleksandras Laurinavičius.

Lennart Nordfors

Lennart Nordfors is a senior partner at Gullers Grupp, one of Sweden´s leading communications agencies. With 25 years of experience of communicating in a Swedish setting, he has profound knowledge of trends and developments on the Swedish market. He also has a background in politics and as an academic in political science. Lennart will be talking about the current situation concerning consumer values, market segmentation, digitialization, storytelling etc. when communicating in Sweden.

Lennart will also share his insights on two real cases – how to think, how to find your unique selling point, how to position yourself in Swedish market.

Case 1.       Lithuanian linen garments producer (20 employees) produces women and children outerwear from linen, has international sales through its online shop, needs to enter Swedish market with own label,  interested to get contacts with boutiques, sell products through Swedish online platforms or company’s platform.

Case 2.       Lithuanian wooden furniture producer (100 employees) produces private label furniture for some international furniture companies, produces and sells own label furniture in Lithuania, needs to find private label partners in Sweden, needs to evaluate entering into the Swedish market with own label.

Aleksandras Laurinavičius, Commercial Attaché, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Kingdom of Sweden

Aleksandras will share his insights on entering Swedish market:

–        Main ways of contact

–        Dos and don’ts

After two presentations, we will dedicate an entire hour to your questions and answers. You may send your questions in advance to kia@komunikacija.lt or ask them during the event.

Moderator: Artūras Jonkus, Council Chair of the Association of Communication Industry.

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