Our Member Paliesius Clinic offers a 12-week programme for healthy and sustainable weight loss with strategies and support based on individual needs.

During the 12-weeks health experts at Paliesius Clinic will provide you with the the tools and support for a positive result. The programme is based on the following elements:

Individualized exercise according to your body’s response and your situation, for a safe and effective weight loss and health gain by physical exercise. Exercise is prescribed and initially monitored for evaluation and adaptation.

Minimization of sedentary behavior with knowledge and strategies adapted to your life situation. Part of treatment with exercise therapy is always a lifestyle change for a more active and healthy life.

Diet change according to the body´s reaction to food and exercise. During the first week we monitor your body´s reaction to exercise and the food you are eating for a healthy and sustainable balance.

More information: bit.ly/3gYYMBa