Welcome to Essity!

As of April 2017 the SCA company split into two independent companies with the hygiene and health business becoming Essity.


Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company that develops, produces and sells Personal Care (Baby Care, Feminine Care, Incontinence Products and Medical Solutions), Consumer Tissue and Professional Hygiene products and solutions.

We chose Essity as our name, because the products we make are both essential to – and a necessity for the people that use them. They not only fill a basic need, they do it in a way that secures good hygiene which contributes to overall health and well-being. Essity is fully dedicated to improving well-being through our hygiene and health solutions.

Essity, like SCA, remains committed to leading innovations, sustainable practices, dependable products and employees who deliver exceptional service.

We are excited to announce that on June 15th 2017, Essity was listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm, completing the final step that separated SCA’s health and hygiene business from its forest operations.

See We are Essity video.