Sorainen invites for an Informative Business Breakfast!

Sorainen is hosting a Business Breakfast next week focusing on “Disputes in the execution of public procurement contracts: how to reconcile the interests of the supplier and the contractor?”. ÔÜľ­čöÉ

Recently, more and more attention has been paid to the proper execution of public procurement contracts. As a result, there is an increase in disputes that arise specifically at the stage of execution of public procurement contracts. We would like to invite you to talk about the direction of the evolution of public procurement disputes and what the emerging Lithuanian court practice teaches market participants in this area. We will also discuss the possibilities of (not) applying or reducing liability – a particularly relevant issue when the dispute that has arisen can be settled peacefully.

­čŚô´ŞĆ DATE: 24th October
­čôŹ VENUE: Sorainen office, Gedimino av. 44A, Vilnius
­čĽś TIME: 9:00 am
­čŚú´ŞĆ LANGUAGE: Lithuanian

For more information and registration: