Teo, Omnitel and Baltic Data Center become one company – Telia Lietuva. The first integrated telecommunications company in Lithuania will provide telecommunications, IT and TV services as a one-stop shop.

Telia Lietuva will provide the largest scope of telecommunications, IT and TV services as a one-stop shop in Lithuania. Globally, there are still not many companies like that – namely, integrated telecommunications companies operating under one name, and in the Baltic Sea region, such companies exist only in Germany and Estonia.

“Our plan is that following the start of universal installation of the 5G technology, our optical fibre and mobile communications networks will enable the creation of the digital environment of a completely new quality. Which means a technological revolution in business, in the home and work environment,” says K. Šliužas.

Telia Lietuva has been created by merging Omnitel and Baltic Data Center to Teo and, at the same time, changing the name of the company which continues in operation. Today, the name of the company is registered as Telia Lietuva, AB. However, in everyday texts, which are not formal documents, the name of the company will be written in a simple manner – Telia Lietuva or just Telia.

The trademarks and names of companies Teo, Omnitel and Baltic Data Center will not be used in the future. For its services, Telia Lietuva will use the main trademark of Telia.

The conditions of provision of services for clients and customers do not change, and there is no need to rewrite the agreements that were concluded before.

Across Lithuania, 70 customer service outlets operate under the Telia trademark. By telephone, private customers are serviced at number 1817, and corporate customers – at number 1816.

About Telia Lietuva

Telia Lietuva is a part of the Telia Company family established in Sweden. The purpose of the group is to be the leader of integrated technological solutions in the region of the Nordic and Baltic countries.

In Lithuania, we have joined fixed and mobile communications, smart television and smart devices, IT solutions for business and the mobile network leadership into one comprehensive network. We create solutions, which are necessary for people, and offer possibilities for business to grow.

The shares of Telia Lietuva are traded on the securities exchange Nasdaq Vilnius, while the shares of Telia Company are listed on the securities exchanges Nasdaq Stockholm and Nasdaq Helsinki.