Web3: Impact the Economy Summit: book your place and let’s meet on November 9th in Vilnius, Lithuania.


At a time of great uncertainty for many industries, we gather policymakers, founders, CEOs of technology companies and fast-growing startups, experts and tech geeks to discuss the realities and opportunities of WEB3 economy. We aim to ask a simple question – is WEB3 economy shrinking its potential amid hostility from policymakers and weakening business outlook? Or is WEB3 becoming a resilient alternative amid global recession and cooling of traditional economy?


Event will gather builders, investors, legal advisory, providers, data and IT experts, policymakers, NGOs and market leaders from all over the globe to exchange knowledge and discuss the most challenging WEB3 economy topics.


We will focus on the uncertainty many industries are facing. Event will embrace decentralized finances, DAO, metaverse, crypto economy, decentralized social networks, digital assets, central bank digital currencies, digital single market, technology convergence, self-sovereign identities, and more. Together we will talk about education, regulation, will study practical cases and will examine actual decentralized business models.

Connect with industry leaders who are capable of harnessing the energy of uncertainty and chaos.

Program, speakers, tickets & more ➡️ www.web3summit.lt

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