Thanks to an active and mutual participation in many events, over the past 4 years a sincere friendship has taken shape between Nordgain and Swedish Chamber of Commerce (SCCL).

Nordgain is a dynamic, client-centric and innovative provider of finance and accounting (F&A) services. Nordgain’s secret for remaining strong in a world full of challenges is the talent and training of teams, outstanding clients and refusal to simply follow the herd.

“Our ties with Swedish Chamber of Commerce started to form few years ago, with active participation in a variety of events. The Crayfish event is particularly impressive Swedish chamber’s tradition that allows you to spend time enjoyably with business partners,” said Agnė Jasinskaitė, Nordgain’s CEO.

The SCCL offers a perfect mix of positive aspects of membership. It is proactive, rapidly growing, keeps very close contact with other Chambers and members, and holds many events touching on a variety of issues, ranging from business to social responsibility.

In terms of further strengthening this relationship, 2016 was a special year. Nordgain received an award for excellent collaboration, organized the New Members Evening and business breakfast events, and also supported the SCCL’s activities financially. That served as a prime example of making use of the value of the SCCL.

“You have to adapt, be accepting of cultural differences and open to new ‘rules of the game’. The SCCL stood out, providing a chance to view business through the lens of personal relationships,” said Vilma Poškutė, Business Development Manager at Nordgain.

Some of Nordgain’s clients are also members of the SCCL, and having a close relationship is a very important part of such friendship. The SCCL is a great platform for visibility. It allows other members to become clients one day and continue to work together, creating, growing and sharing experience.

In that light, Nordgain is happy to be part of this journey with the SCCL and is constantly seeking out further synergies within this network.