Nordic Investors together with Seimas Group for Inter-Parliamentary Relations with North European Countries held a discussion about the investment climate in Lithuania, factors shaping opportunities and benefits of investing in Lithuania. The event was initiated by the NLCC and Royal Embassy of Norway in partnership with SCCL, DCC, FLCC and Investors Forum.

The discussion touched upon interesting and recent topics such as improvements on investment climate, transparency and sustainability, Sodra cap and tax reforms and challenges for Lithuania like talent retention, emigration reduction strategy, etc.

The core theme of the event reflected that Lithuania’s successfully created favorable environment for foreign companies to come and create new jobs, which is especially used by the Nordics. Yet, there are still some drawbacks such as high labor taxation and a shrinking labor force (due to emigration), that pose an obstacle for further economic growth in Lithuania. Therefore, these challenges should be tackled in the future.

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Find pictures of the event here; credits to Ludo Segers Photography.