Marijampolės laisvosios ekonominės zonos valdymo bendrovė UAB (Baltic FEZ) joined our network!

Baltic FEZ (Marijampoles LEZ) is a free economic zone located in a strategically well-accessible South-Western region of Lithuania (Marijampole region), which borders with Poland and Russia. Baltic FEZ aims to initiate new business partnerships of local and foreign investments in food, wood, metal, also, engineering sectors with attractive tax incentives and land plots with infrastructure:

  • Baltic FEZ is a place where the European gauge track meets the Russian (Eastern) gauge track.
  • Location close to Russia, Poland, Belorussia, Latvia.
  • “One stop shop” for investor.
  • Tax incentives for investors.
  • Ensuring the detailed plan and the necessary infrastructure for the X plot before construction permit.

More information about company is here.