We are excited to welcome Justina Donielaitė as a new team-member!

Since our Managing Director Jone Sestakauskaite came back from her parental leave on part-time, she will be sharing her responsibilities with Justina.

Here’s a bit from Justina about herself:

“I have been privileged to gain my professional experience at the Åland Islands Peace Institute, an NGO operating in an autonomous Swedish speaking area of Finland. For a long time I felt torn between the engaging projects and tasks and the dream of going back and applying my experiences in Lithuania. Finally, after 14 years, our family made this life move last summer. Moreover – I have always had in mind the Swedish Chamber of Commerce as a type of organization I would be excited to work for. Now I am about to join its team and feel ready to contribute to its important vision and mission with all the skills and competencies I have so far acquired in my “Nordic baggage”.

For any management / membership / event / cooperation related matters contact: jone@swedish.lt or justina@swedish.lt.