“People were there not only for business, but also to get to know each other better”

With her restaurant Mykolo4, Zita Rimkiene joined the SCCL three years ago. Following a recommendation from a business network, she met with the Chamber to introduce Mykolo4, as the restaurant is specializing in local cuisine and could be of interest for the Chamber’s members and their guests. The meeting led to Mykolo4 joining the Chamber with the goal of benefiting from its network.

Networking is exactly where Zita sees the main benefit of the Chamber for Mykolo4; however the knowledge and experiences of the other members are a useful resource. Talking to people and exchanging different ideas gives inspirations for the own business, even though it might not be the same industry. It is always useful to keep track of the dynamics in Lithuanian business and to know which kind of problems and challenges other companies are facing.

What Zita especially appreciates next to that, is the informality and relaxed mood on some of the events such as the Swedish Crayfish Party and the Christmas event: “I was amazed by the atmosphere. I felt like being among good friends “. These kind of relationships, where people also privately socialize and have fun together, lead to more trust. And this consequently influences the business relationship in a positive way, making it much easier and more comfortable to do business with the other members. “The people are very nice and sincere”.

For Mykolo4, the membership has definitely paid off so far. Thanks to the new connections from the Chamber, Zita receives guests on a regular basis. On the other hand, Zita also understands that the Chamber itself offers the platform, whereas your benefit depends on how much time and effort you are prepared to invest. “Just being on the list and paying the fee makes little sense. To benefit you should at least take an active participation in the organized events and meet other members.”

To get more involved in the Chamber‘s daily activities, and to share her experience and knowledge she has gained through her work in financial and hospitality businesses, Zita decided to become a board member. “In order to get, you must always give something back.”