The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania is registered as the recipient of donation! And all residents of Lithuania are able to donate up to 2% of paid income tax to any recipient of donation. It would be a great support for our activities and projects!

How to donate:

  1. Connect to the Tax inspection’s online services (E-deklaravimas) through your banking system.
  2. Press Give dontion (Pildyti formą > Prašymas skirti paramą) on the right of the window.
  3. Press the button “Fill the form online” (Pildyti formą tiesiogiai portale) at the left corner of the window.
  4. A window with your personal information will pop up.
  5. You need to fill in the following sections:
    1. Enter SCCL code (125711933)
    2. Enter name (Asociacija “Swedish Chamber of Commerce” or simply Asociacija SCC)
    3. Enter address (Gedimino ave. 20, LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania)
    4. Enter the amount you want to donate (2% or less)
    5. Click SAVE (Išsaugoti) and DECLARE (Pateikti).

Thank you for your support!