Are you interested in business opportunities on the other side of the Baltic Sea?

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania is happy to support your business with exploring Lithuania’s potential in nearshoring, sourcing, business development and much more!

Nerijus is well familiar with the Swedish business environment from his previous work experience as an associate to Lithuania at Business Sweden. He is a passionate promoter of Lithuanian market opportunities on export, supply chain and nearshore establishment of Swedish companies, ranging from start-ups, small and medium sized businesses, to multinational enterprises.

Nerijus is also experienced in market research within sourcing, retail, industry and ICT, as well as potential business partner evaluation, export sales development, supplier search and establishment projects for Swedish companies in Lithuania. He has also M.Sc. in International business.

The business consulting is outside of membership services and a fee is applied.

Interested or got a question? Feel free to contact directly: