In times of crisis or rapid change, leading with impact is as crucial as never before and the concept of female and male leadership is strongly emerging to challenge the more traditional styles of leadership. As more research and discussions evolve around diversity in leadership, there is not one style of leadership that works. Rather, if earlier norms were based on the IQ and logical thinking capacity of a “good leader”, the recent crisis brought to light completely new features of effective leaders, such as emotional intelligence, empathy, vision, communication, and human compassion. Even though these features are abundantly displayed by women and are usually given less weight or appreciation by the surroundings, the management of recent crisis by World leaders demonstrate that these abilities made impact and cannot be ignored. It is a fact that the private sector, especially, information technologies are lagging in female leadership and the number of women on boards of larger companies is still extremely low, and in the end, it is the society and economy that miss out on the benefits.

What is considered successful leadership in any era is influenced by the industry, generational gap, and the environment in which businesses operate. Thus, today we have a window of opportunity to increase the impact of leadership by making these new skills visible and introducing them to both, women, and men!

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