At the General Meeting of the Association 2018, the outgoing Board presented SCCL Report 2017, Financial Statement for 2017 and Auditor’s Reports, as well as introduced upcoming programme and budget for 2018.

All information, which was discussed during the Meeting may be found in the “Annual Report 2017” by clicking on the link here.

Members elected a new Board of the Association for two new consecutive years. The new Board consists of the following Members: Ieva Dosinaitė (TGS Baltic), Tommy Fagerlund (Skandia), Paulius Gruodis (Ellex Valiunas), Vytautas Kelminskas (LT Technologies), Zita Rimkienė (Mykolo4), Akvilė Skiparė (SEB), Šarūnas Šiugžda (LitCapital), Mindaugas Ubartas (Telia Lietuva). Andrius Francas (Alliance for Recruitment) was elected as Chairperson of the Association and Jan Hansson (Teminis Turizmas) as Vice-Chairperson.

The Meeting also elected new Auditors for the upcoming period: Cobalt Law Firm and Norian Accounting; as well as three new Members of the Nomination Commission: Gabija Siurbytė (Dansu), Mantas Vaišvilas (Zalaris), Aida Zigmantavičienė (Ansell).

Members at GMA agreed on granting a possibility for natural persons to become members of SCCL already in 2018 by introducing SCCL Fan-Club membership Application procedure for membership at SCCL will be the same for all categories (please, see the section below).

Most important focus of the meeting was placed on the new membership strategy for 2019. Majority of present Members voted in favor of the proposed “Plan A”, which means that membership categories will be based on the number of full-time annual employees, allowing members (with an exception of Supporter and Patron categories) to profit from equal benefits. Dialogue on updated benefit system with Members will continue throughout 2018 as well as 2019 to improve the overall benefit system.

Thus, as of 1st of January 2019, membership fees will be divided into 3 categories: small corporate (up to 10 employees), medium corporate (11-50 employees), large corporate (51+ employees) and Supporter and Patron categories for any company size receiving exclusive benefit rights and marketing possibilities. One-time admission fee will also start from 1st of January 2019.

Membership Fees 2019

(any company size)
(any company size)
(51 and more employees)
(11-50 employees)
(1-10 employees)
SCCL Fan-Club
(natural person)

*One-time admission fee                                150


According to the Board decision taken at the Board Meeting #69, annual Memberships that begin as of 1st of April 2018 will be issued an invoice with two distinct fee lines that present a separate calculation of the annual membership fee for 2018 and 2019.

Updated Membership application procedure

A natural person and/or legal entity must fill out an application form, sign it and re-send it to the SCCL office. The application is then considered by the SCCL Board and approved or dismissed during 7 calendar days. After the Board’s approval, each member will receive an invoice for its annual membership fee. A membership will be considered active and valid when the membership fee invoice is paid. All newly become Members will be welcomed to the SCCL via its official website and social media channels as well as via email.

The Board during the first Board Meeting (held on 21st of March 2018) decided that SCCL Fan-Club category may come into force as of 1st of April 2018.

New procedure of Membership discontinuation

Board Members during the Board Meeting #69 approved a new system for late discontinuation that will be applied as of 1st of April 2018. In case a Member wishes to discontinue its annual membership, SCCL office needs to be informed latest 30 days before the membership ends. In case member fails to inform in time the SCCL office, annual membership is automatically prolonged for a new year and a new invoice is issued. If membership is discontinued after the new membership year has begun, the company will be charged accordingly to the amount of active membership day of the new year.

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact the SCCL office.

Looking forward to our continuous cooperation and many interesting events ahead!