The winners of the Swedish Business Awards 2017 are announced

The “Young Business Entrepreneur” prize, set up by Ellex Valiunas, partner of the event, will go to a brilliant entrepreneur with good reputation for an inspirational example of business development.
The nominees:
·         Andrius Zimnickas, the manager of the wooden pallet production company UAB Juodeliai,
·         Arturas Bielskas, the head and founder of the ski trails of Liepkalnis,
·         Viltautė Gudauskaitė, UAB Pitlius, the sales manager of successful family bakeries in Western Lithuania.

The “Technology Innovation Award” prize given by the Swedish Embassy will be awarded to a company or organization for exclusive technological innovation related to the activities of the company or organization.
The nominees:
·         Altechna R & D, for innovative glass cutting technology for smart devices
·         Bronius Rauba, for the creation of a vertical bicycle stand Parkis
·         UAB Viratus, for the online selection assistant, JobRely.

The Award for Sustainable Development, set up by AJ Products UAB, will go to a company that demonstrated positive business results and sustainable development during 2012-2017. 

The nominees:
·         Auga Group
·         Rimi Lietuva
·         Utenos trikotažas

Taking into account these criteria, the finalists of the awards were nominated by members of the Nomination Committee: Swedish Ambassador in Lithuania Maria Christina Lundqvist, Rolandas Valiūnas, Senior Partner of Ellex Valiunas, Managing Director of Verslo Lietuva, Daina Kleponė, Director General of Delfi Vytautas Benokraitis, Vilnius University Life Center for Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences dr. Urtė Neniškytė and Rokas Simutis, Business Sweden Consultant.
Award winners will be revealed at a ceremony on November 8th at Vaidila Theater, Vilnius.
Guest speakers are Christina Bengtsson, (Military Officer and World Champion in precision shooting) and Pär Nuder (former Minister of Finance in Sweden).

“The main theme of this year’s event is focus and concentration,” 
said Rokas Simutis, project manager of the Swedish Business Awards 2017, in a press release.
– We are delighted that this year’s Key Note speaker is Christina Bengtsson. She is an officer, world champion in precision shooting, author and lecturer. Christina will reveal to the guests how to become a successful person by using the power of concentration.
Another guest of the event is Pär Nuder, former Swedish Minister for 
Finance and current chairman of the Third Swedish National Pension Fund and AMF, the largest pension company in Sweden. He will talk about investment impact on the dynamic Baltic region from a Swedish perspective.

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