SOPA (support employment organization) and the Embassy of Sweden in Lithuania is inviting companies and individuals to join DUOday 2021!

DUOday promotes equal employment opportunities across Europe. It highlights the positive contribution people with disabilities make at work.

On this day, an employee and a person with disabilities form a DUO. The person actively participates as much as possible in the usual tasks of the employees.

Companies and organizations

  • Develop empathy and understanding within their teams.
  • Signal that they are open for employees with disabilities.
  • Show social responsibility active involvement in the local community


People with disabilities

  • Get a chance to learn about different workplaces and organizational cultures.
  • Reveal their talents and prove that disability is not an obstacle to work.
  • Build new relationships and increase their chances in the job search.

DUOday originated in Ireland where it became known as “Job Shadowday”. Belgians adopted it as “DUOday” and thus helped spread the idea. The day has been embraced with so much enthusiasm by both interns and corporations that each year more countries join.

In Lithuania, DUOday will start on the 20th of May and will continue during the summer. It will take place in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevežys, Ukmergė and Molėtai.

More information and registration is available at . Applications are accepted until the 10th of May.

COVID note: we are aiming to have live meetings at work, but all COVID precautions and guidelines will be followed. Some meetings might take place online.

SOPA team