Every year during the last ten years, Swedish Christmas Elves (Åkarhjälpen) has travelled to Lithuania with a bus full of Christmas gifts for Lithuanian children that are hospitalized in Kaunas and Vilnius due to cancer diseases. This initiative is a result of a beautiful, long-term friendship between independent businessmen, local communities, teachers pupils and their families in south of Sweden and the childhood cancer fund “Rugute”. Therefore, during Swedish Christmas Evening 2017 we have also chosen to participate in Swedish Christmas Elves initiative to support “Rugute” by organising a charity bazaar and a charity lottery.

We are happy to announce that we have fundraised 990 Eur on a charity lottery! Due to strong support, we have received a letter of appreciation from the Childhood Cancer Fund “Rugutė”.

Thank you for donations!

If you would consider to support Childhood Cancer Fund “Rugutė”, you may find more information here.