We are happy to introduce a new intern at SCCL!

Jordi has started his internship at the SCCL office on the 31st of October and will be in charge of communication and marketing for the next three months.

Here’s a bit about himself:

Sveiki! Hallå! My name is Jordi, but some call me ‘the flying Dutchman’ or ‘mister worldwide’… As cliché as those nicknames might sound, there’s a truth to them: I’m from the Netherlands and I’ve come to Lithuania to work for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Before this adventure started I finished another internship in Estonia and before that I studied in Norway. Last summer I graduated from my bachelor studies in Human Geography, but before starting any master’s programme I want to gain more real-life experience. I love exploring and getting lost in new and preferably unknown places (yes, Lithuania is quite exotic for most Dutchmen) and being sucked into the routines of daily life is my worst nightmare. Working in this international environment, getting to know new people from foreign cultures keeps me away from that black hole. Everyone has something inspiring and new to teach you and I’m very happy that for the next few months the Chamber will be my teacher!