Klappir Lithuania joined our network!

Klappir Lithuania is a subsidiary company of an Icelandic software company Klappir Green Solutions, which develops and helps to implement digital solutions that make it both easy and lucrative to better manage environmental issues.

Smart environmental management solutions that Klappir is offering collect, process, and transmit environmental data, allowing companies, institutions and local and national governments alike to analyze their emissions and energy usage, set statistical goals, and gain a comprehensive overview of all polluting factors in their operations. The software, which is unique, takes a holistic approach to environmental accounting and is among the first information systems of its kind in the world.

Currently expanding internationally, Klappir has already built up a vibrant environmental network of more than 200 companies in Iceland, across ten different industries, and is helping players both small and large take up smart environmental management and minimize their footprint on land, sea and in the air.

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