A warm welcome to new member: TalentX!

TalentX is a insight-driven talent acquisition company specializing in supporting fast-scaling startups across the world to recruit individuals and teams faster and more efficiently by predicting companies that might be acquired, merged, laid-off, furloughed or bankrupt within any sector or market and help you

A warm welcome to new member: Artilux NMF!

Artilux NMF is a joint Swedish-Lithuanian company is operating in Lithuania since 2002 in the contract manufacturing sector

Artilux NMF belongs to NMF group consisting of total 16 companies located in Northern Lithuania with a total of 2700 employees, a production space of 160 000

A warm welcome to new member: UAB SDL Engineering!

UAB „SDL Engineering “ was founded in 2011

SDL Engineering is a metalworking company, located in Kaunas, Lithuania We are in a good location for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and other metalworking industries

What we do:

Engineering service: tool design and manufacture (progressive and manual

A warm welcome to new member: Gateway&Partners!

Gateway&Partners was established in 2004 and is specialized in developing local exporters internationally Its mission is to boost their customers’ export sales by introducing them to new markets and discovering vital market information Throughout the years they have carried out projects for more than

A warm welcome to new member: Epson Europe B.V!

Epson Europe BV develops innovative, convenient, and easy-to-use products that deliver anywhere and at any time, they aim to help customers to reduce waste, save time and resources and contribute to a sustainable society This is how they deliver unique value through our four innovation

A warm welcome to new member: MGI Logistics!


MGI Logistics is an international cargo transport company specializing in shipping, forwarding, and logistics solutions The company’s mission is to continuously provide smart logistics solutions for business

A warm welcome to new member: MEGRAME INTERNATIONAL!

MEGRAME International was founded in 1999 as a part of MEGRAME Group Companies’ to represent and deliver MEGRAME production for international markets MEGRAME is a well-known manufacturer brand of timber, timber-aluminum, PVC and aluminum windows, sliding doors as well as entrance and internal doors,

A warm welcome to new member: LITPOLSTAR!

In Lithuania, LITPOLSTAR has developed over the past 20 years into a cutting-edge, adaptable production company that can supply a very broad range of products and services from significant retailers, corporations, and manufacturers of commercial equipment The company has gained recognition for its products

A warm welcome to new member: LINKSUN Baltic!


Investing in solar cells is one of the best things you can do – for both your finances and our planet With LINKSUN Baltic at El av Sol, you can increase the future value of your business, while at the same time contributing to a more sustainable

A warm welcome to new member: Local Ocean!

Local Ocean strives to increase the availability of high-quality seafood to people living in all parts of the world through original technologies In this way, they can meet the growing demand for seafood by providing it locally grown


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