Swedish Crayfish Party 

The famous Crayfish party is coming back!

The Crayfish Party holds a special place in Swedish culture as a way to bid farewell to the summer season. It’s a time when Swedes come together to enjoy each other’s company, indulge in delicious crayfish, raise their snaps glasses, and wear silly hats while singing songs. It’s an opportunity to escape reality for one evening and immerse yourself in the festive spirit of Swedish traditions.

We guarantee the crayfish, snaps songs, tasty food and great mood, you guarantee your participation, deal?

Thank you to our long-term member, FONDIA LIETUVA, for their invaluable support as the main sponsor of the Crayfish Party. We’d also like to extend our gratitude to RIMI LIETUVA, GUBERNIJA BREWERY, and ALLIANCE FOR RECRUITMENT, our main supporters of the event, for ensuring an amazing and impactful experience for all participants.

Date: 7th of September 2023

Venue: Betono fabrikas, Betono aklg 16, Vilnius

Doors open: 17:30

Start of the programme: 18:00

End of the event: 22:30

Dress code: smart casual

What will make this event special:
🦞 Traditional Crayfish eating with bibs and hats

🦞 Traditional Swedish snap songs
🦞 Swedish hot dishes
🦞 Special Aution for 2024 Crayfish Party
🦞 Special Lottery by SCCL members
🦞 Cake time
🦞 DJ music
🦞 Our community


  • Price for members of SCCL: €125
  • Price for non-members: €150
  • Price for groups of 5+ people: €100 per person
  • Price for your spouse or partner as for member: €125
  • The total price will include the added VAT

For tickets register HERE

If you buy more than one ticket, please contact: viktorija@swedish.lt

We look forward to your presence at the Crayfish Party!