At SCCL we have an amazing community of members that mostly see one another during official events or meetings. We were thinking that just like us, as a member you would probably also like to meet up in a more informal setting from time to time. Whether you want to use it to expand your network or just to have a drink with your business partners, we will now start offering this opportunity!
The idea is to organise these meet-ups every quarter, on the last Thursday of the first month. This means that we will gather for the first ever informal member get-together on Thursday January 31st. We are happy to invite you to join us to enjoy a Lithuanian beer degustation with snacks. Where and at what time, you’re asking? In Bambalyne (Stikliu g. 5) at 6PM. Depending on the number of registrations, the price will be either €15 or €12.
Are you interested in joining? Let us know via!