We are happy to announce that Lars Reidar Vold-Andersen has been appointed new CEO of Transcendent Group.

Lars Reidar Vold-Andersen has been employed in Transcendent Group since 2013. He is the previous CEO and founder of Transcendent Group in Norway and responsible for the New markets segment and is Chief Operating Officer since 2020. Lars has previously been Senior Manager with responsibility for IT audit services at PwC Norway and holds a BSc in Computer Science, Sør-Trøndelag University College, Trondheim and an MBA, University of Technology, Sydney. Lars Reidar Vold-Andersen succeeds Martin Malm, who has been proposed as new Chairman of the Board of Transcendent Group by the Nomination Committee as of the 2022 Annual General Meeting. Congratulations Lars Reidar Vold-Andersen and Martin Malm!